Meme Monday: Marisa stole the Precious Thing

It’s meme Monday! Can you think of a better way to start off your week other than stealing the precious thing?

Marisa stole the precious thing

Marisa stole the precious thing

The flash movie I’ve linked may seem like a “normal” Japanese flash video filled with some poor English and German but it there is much more to it. Keen viewers may have noticed the “Presented by IOSYS” shown at beginning of the flash video. IOSYS is a group who produces flash movies and remixes. As the flash video shows, they are especially fond of remixing and animating characters and music from Toho Project, a Japanese shooter game done by Team Shanghai Alice. Shanghai Shanghai Shanhai. Needless to say, 2chan loves IOSYS music.

Like the American counterpart 4chan, 2chan produces quality. You have the fairly normal fan modified videos. Then you have the less normal videos where audio clips from animes are remixed to match the music. Then you have the plain crazy video where audio AND video are remixed. Yes, remixed video.

Critics might be quick to point out that watching the crazy video will steal something precious from them if you watch it the whole way through, even though no one knows exactly what precious thing was stolen.  Keen Japanese speaking viewers will note the title of the crazy video translates to “Akira-sama aha*aha*aha* the precious balsamic vinegar”. What a great title. If you still haven’t bothered watching the crazy video then I would just like to say it makes about as much sense as the title does but tons more entertaining.

Then again, it takes a certain kind of individual to apprecaite that sort of thing. I Just happen to be such.


December 1, 2008. Tags: , , . meme.

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