Meme Monday: Leek Spin

It’s meme Monday! Can you think of a better way to spin off the week other than some Leek Spin?

Leek Spin / Loituma Girl

Leek Spin / Loituma Girl

Leek Spin (also known as Loituma Girl) combines Orihime from the series Bleach with a small segment from the Finnish band Loituma rendition of the classic Finnish folk song “Ievan Polkka”. Finish speaking readers will notice it is set to a part of the song where there are no actual Finish words being spoken. Leek Spin is set to the ad-lib section of the song, something similar to the American scat done in Jazz.

Technically speaking Loituma Girl makes a more correct name for the meme than Leek Spin. Orihime is in fact not spinning a leek (Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum) but a welsh onion (Allium fistulosum). Accuracies aside, leek spin is much easier to type and remember than Loituma girl. In my personal opinion Welsh Onion Spin doesn’t sound as good as leek spin does. Furthermore anime already has it’s awesome Welsh thing.

As we’ve learned from anime, spinning plus more spinning equals win. Leek Spin (and this) is not an exception.  Spinzaku Spin isn’t the only meme that Leek Spin has spun off. Maybe just leek. Some of you may notice that this leek phenomena links to this Vocaloid character called Hatsune Miku but that’s for another post.

Leeks / Welsh Onions / Negi (ネギ) are popular with the Japanese because it’s a staple ingredient in many Japanese foods. If you were to base all of Germany on a single German youtuber then you could say leeks are popular with the Germans. Fortunetly there are other sources in which you can conclude its popularity with the Germans. Just not in the same way as the Japanese.


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