Vocabloid: Seasons

It’s officially the time for the Winter Solstice, which signals the first day of winter. Perfect timing for a…


It would be too boring to just focus on winter so lets get all the seasons in one shot:

spring はる Haru
summer なつ Natsu
autumn あき Aki
winter ふゆ Fuyu

…I’m not sure what to discuss.  I guess the cold winter has frozen my ideas up.

However, this VOCABLOID will still prove to be useful and entertaining. Seasons might not be discussed often in anime, they’re very popular for names. For example: if tack on 子 (ko, child) to the end of any one of the seasons you get 5 different feminine names to choose from. Yes, 5. Fuyuko could also be read as Touko.  You could also shove a 目 (me) on to the end and find yourself with only 4 names, 冬目 would be read as Toume.

To further add to transmogrification of kanji, 花 (hana, flower) appended to the end of the seasons could yield the name: Akihana. Which easily makes sense unless you want to read the exact same name as Shuuka. Winter once again has two options: Touka and Fuyuka. Spring has to dance about (花夏) to make the Japanese names: Kanatsu, Hana and the unpopular reading Hanana. You could also recognize it as Haruka. If you’re in the business of destroying good anime you may read 花夏 as May instead of Haruka. Then again there are other issues with that show but we’ll leave it for someone else to discuss.

The kinda of names you can derive from the seasons is almost endless but that’s for another post. In the mean time feel free to distract yourself by drooling over the awesome line up of anime to come this winter season. I know I will.


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