Meme Monday: Moruze Senshinkoku ToraDora

It’s meme Monday! Can you think of a better way to pitch off the week other than some Moruze Senshinkoku?


Just for the record, I know some of these memes technically are not memes. That doesn’t matter, what matters is… PITCHER BI BI TTE RU HEY↑ HEY↑ HEY↑, and in traditional fashion: DAILY DOSE.

Readers following the fall series of anime airing in Japan will recognize the video as various clips of Minorin from ToraDora remixed. Readers who have achieved a higher level of understanding in the one of the best cultures will hear the background music from Kirby Dreamland 3’s Sand Canyon level. If you happen to know katakana then you would have known the origin of the music from the title. For those of you not strongly adept in both spoken and written Japanese fear not, all will become clear.

The name ToraDora is a portmanteau, a a fairly popular item for the Japanese language. Tora means Tiger and Dora is Doragon, the phonetic Japanese spelling for Dragon. Tora comes from the two main characters Taiga (phonetic spelling of Tiger) and Ryuuji (Ryu = dragon) . So what does the titleof the video, 盛るぜ先進国とらドラ!【サンドキャニオン×みのりん】 translate to?

盛るぜ moruze moru means to serve (food) and ze makes it a command.
先進国 senshinkoku Advanced Country (IE a developed country, not 3rd world)
とらドラ! ToraDora!
サンドキャニオン SandoKyanion Sand Canyon
× x
みのりん Minorin

December 22, 2008. Tags: , . meme.

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