MAD Monday: Get Down



Let us pretend we’re experimenting with the internet and we find a peculiar glitch in the game Golden Eye for the Nintendo 64 and then that glitch would uh… er… *get down* with a peculiar song by Kohmi Hirose and produce an offspring video that far more entertaining than it’s parents. From there it grew and evolved into meme status. As we all know, no one is safe from memes. Even the harden badass Sephiroth can’t defend against it. I know what some of you are thinking, the Get Down dance requires too much spazing for anyone to accomplish. Something like the Hare Hare Yukai is so great because people around the world can gather and dance. So how can anyone do the Get Down dance? Well, the internet is an ever changing environment and as humans we are ever changing creatures.


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Konata’s Corridor

konataI dare you to not watch this more than once.

For those of you who are deprived of quailty and knowledge: the song for this MAD video is “Corridor of Time” background music from the game Chrono Trigger. If you have a pair of decent headphones you might want to try listening to it with those. I’m sure a controlled leafy substance would make it even more interesting as well.

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Touhou Tuesday: Night of Nights (ナイト・オブ・ナイツ)

Hello true readers, I know what you must be thinking. I can hear your screams from yesterday, “WHERE’S MY MEME MONDAY?!?!” and rest assured Meme Mondays will still be around. However, in celebration of the release of the Unofficial Touhou Doujin Anime at Comiket 75 Meme Monday has been replaced with… TOUHOU TUESDAY.

This isn’t the first time something Touhou has been featured on this blog, and now that there’s an unofficial anime it can officially be featured on this blog because it’s an anime. Anyways, Night of Nights!

Night of Nights ナイト・オブ・ナイツ

The original Touhou song is titled Night of Nights but you’ll often find it on niconico or youtube as “night of something else” where something else is whatever the MAD video is themed around. There are some neat ones like Night of Command that fires up my blood and makes me want to type: A B HIDARI A B B A HIDARI MIGI YUUGI to whoever I can find. Lucky Star continues to entertain us with wacky remixes in Night of Kagami. ToraDora features the totally demented Night of Minorin. Speaking of demented and scary, Night of Nights might have not served over 1 Billion it has served up a Night of Ronald. If you seek class and finesse there is also a crazy Night of Nights played on the piano and an electric guitar.

Until next time…

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Edit: Back to the future! This post was accidentally posted at 1/6/2008 instead of 1/6/2009. That has been fixed.

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