So it would appear that the popularity of AKG headphones extends beyond a single apperance. In the manga Rosario+Vampire II Chapter 19 the infamous AKG headphone shape makes yet again, another debut:


Due to the limited manga color spectrum of black to white I cannot say for sure what exact model of AKG head phones this demon is dawning. However I have successfully narrowed it down to either the mio-moe-magnificent AKG701 or the AKG 601. I’m a little more inclined to say that the headphones are the AKG701 just because there’s more white on the manga drawing of the headphones in question than white exists on the AKG 601. Keep in mind the manga is definitely not a 100% graphical depiction of the AKG701/601 and that the AKG601 and AKG701 are almost a single photoshop away from each other in styling. Feel free to draw your own conclusions:



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K-On, AKG, zomg, moe moe kyun!

There’s this great moe-fest show done by KyoAni, the same people responsible for that great cult-fest show and that great bawl-fest show. Episode 5 recently aired and I couldn’t help but notice everyone’s favorited maid wonder Mio has a nice pair of headphones. Behold!


Exhibit A


Exhibit B

Take note of the brown leather headband, the two tension wires and the white nipple shaped cups. Also take note of it’s $250-$300 price. Feel free to ignore the travesty that is the little pink CD player the headphones look like they’re connected to, no need to tarnish the dream that is Mio.

Oh and Mio X Sand Canyon.

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